What you Need to Know About Alzheimer’s Disease (and there is hope.)
Deborah Kan

What stands out for me is the deficiencies. Cholesterol, Gluthathione and Testosterone in men. It can all be linked to a western diet, especially yellow fats like sunflower and canola, that when heated cause oxidation and inflammation. That craving LO’s get for sugar is their brains screaming for fuel, which is where the coconut oil comes in. Definitely clear that LCHF, Banting and Ketogenic diet of no sugar, low carbs, ten percent healthy white fats and high protein is the way to go. Finland leads the world stats for Alzheimer’s and it is clearly signposted. In the 70s a doctor got the low and no cholesterol movement going to lower the heart disease stats. It worked, but also caused a dementia epidemic. Cholesterol has a protective function in brain nerve sheaths and in interactions. Other recommended supplements also essential like B12, vit d, q10, gluthathione, rosemary oil/tea/wine and omega fats, to mention a few. We are what we eat!