Social Media are Distorting Your Creative Vision, and You Don’t Even Know It
Ryan Trimble

With social media taking more and more of a presence, it’s interaction with the artist easily shifts their vision and desires for creating and you’ve summed it up in this article well. I myself have gone back and forth between trying to market and sell work, and then receded after questioning my own motives and desires for doing so. I think each artist working today has this decision, or is impacted largely by the presence of social media, which may in turn drive not some but all of their motivation for creating art. Art as a business and art as a lifestyle should be distinct entities, and social media begins blurring and questioning those boundaries.

We have all heard someone say,“the internet is great. you can get so many ideas”. But this article points to the exact ways in which this statement is idealistic: social media can essentially distort the artist’s vision for making and deviate from it’s true purpose. Art should be fundamentally driven by a purpose to create, and to create meaning.

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