We Can All Learn from Creating Change 2016
Cindy Rizzo

So you think that A Wider Bridge should have “researched better” and then what? Should have stood down from what they wanted to showcase or not applied to be at the event at all? .This seems to encourage self exclusion or self censorship - just because of a potential mob of crazed anti-semites? This was not a regular Protest. That is not a lesson I would like to take home from all this.

READ this: http://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2016/01/26/equality-california-calls-out-national-lgbtq-task-force-for-disservice-to-lgbt-movement/

Wondering Cindy if you were able to hug the old Jewish man with the Yamulkah who was attacked from behind and smothered with a Palestinian Flag? Or the guests of AWB — JOH who were traumatized and shuttled out the back door? JOH — by the way is a leftist Israeli organization — which fights radical right wing in Israel and supports Palestinians and Arabs too in their work. So AWB had extremely leftist people as their guests.

The problem Cindy is that a MOB who hardly know the issues were riled up by mostly those with alternate non LGBT agendas and it was an antisemitic onslaught. I think your advice and lessons should boil down to core values and behavior. How do you TEACH that? 
READ THIS TOO: http://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2016/01/23/lgbt-protesters-at-creating-change-call-for-the-destruction-of-israel/

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