Climate Change Factor
In 2008, there was an agenda between bipartisanship sponsorships supporting strong action on climate change. A huge project to make American green. In 2012, four years later we started seeing the beginning of the Black Lives Matter movement, with the first tragedy of an African- American youth murdered by a community resource officer in Florida. In 2012, climate change was still an issue. In 2014, we see an increase in crime and violence, climate change was still an issue. In 2015, we have more people unemployed, more violence, more homelessness, more people sick, with no health insurance, and yet climate change is still an agenda. We now know that man-made climate change is real and that it poses a great threat to the planet and its -inhabitants. Current data suggest that we need to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in developed countries by at least 80% by 2050 in order to have a chance of staying below an average temperature rise of over 2ºC1. Factory farming is a major contributor to the climate change challenge, releasing vast volumes of greenhouse gases.
Blaming a man-made system shouldn’t be placed on current and future generations. We respect a decision that is fair and safe on climate -change. Climate change denial? The social controversy over climate change is in part due to climate change denial. In order to defend and support the teaching of climate change, it is important to understand — and be able to rebut — arguments about climate science, and to understand why people choose to attack such well-tested science. “Climate Change Denial”provides the essential tools, taken away, and also describes how climate change denial is already threatening the integrity of science education. Climate change denial? As we begin to see climate and the earth’s atmosphere, we will be able to respect what’s fair -not to just the farm factory which is dirty business, contimanating the natural world and not only farm animals suffer- animals and plant species are threatened by the fragmented and inhospitable environment created intensive agriculture.