Lessons Learned

You know when you are a kid and you have that one person that you look up to because they are cool, well that person to me was my cousin Chrissy. She is only 31 months older then me but played the biggest part of who I am today.

My mom and Chrissy’s mom are sisters and we spent ever holiday that I can remember together! They would come to our farm to play in the bails, on the ski-doos, quads or ride around in the corrals on horses. We spent many hours enjoying the farm life. In the summer they would come to Pierce Lake Saskatchewan and rent cabin #8 right beside ours to enjoy the lake life. No matter what we were doing with them it was always fun and many memories were made that will last a lifetime.

As Chrissy and I got older we still hung out doing the fun things, like going out together, spending time at the lake and we traveled to Hawaii in my last year of High School. After high school I left my hometown to go and live in BC with my other cousin Marnie and her family. Chrissy and I stayed in contact but not as much for geographical reasons and we did not have cell phones at that time so we only chatted when it worked for our schedules. Chrissy worked on the road in her job for a construction company so that made it a bit more difficult to connect.

Our lives just seemed to keep changing as they normally do, but we remained in contact the best we could. Chrissy’s life changed when she had a baby, and got married. She asked me to be her maid of honour and I was so proud but turned out I was not a very good one knowing what I know now. I was young and selfish but it sure didn’t change how much I loved her and wanted to be there for her. I know she was more then patient with my selfish ways. My life was different then hers to I had moved to Edmonton from BC to go to college and thats when I really realized how important Chrissy was in my life. I had hit rock bottom living in Edmonton, referring to rock bottom as I had dug myself into some deep dark places and all that bad ass behaviour was catching up to me. Chrissy came to Edmonton and said you are coming to live with me, get your shit! She helped me pack up my stuff and we drove back to Cold Lake together. Little did I know this move would change everything.

I got a job at her husbands construction company Northstar for the summer. I lived with Chrissy, her husband Mark and their daughter Brandy. She truly saved me, she gave me guidelines, responsibility, advice, and most of all love. Chrissy has been there for me more then once and on more then a few occasions. I know all people that enter our life teach us something but as I said at the beginning I looked up to her and knew she was great role model to have. This is not saying Chrissy didn’t and doesn’t make mistakes, she does she just makes more good choices then bad, she thinks about things before she does them. That was never something I was good at, I learn most things the hard way! I believe its life lessons!

This blog is not really about the events leading up to the “why” that I am writing this today, its more about the fact that she took me in and loved me when I was broken , and helped me see things a little different. She guided me in a better direction, and today I make good decisions and way better choices. This is not all because of her I have many other people that have helped me to but she is a major reason because I know she has been there for it all. I now know what she was teaching me, I have to to stand up and stand strong, don’t feel sorry for yourself and sometimes you have to dig deep to figure it out! That was the kind of tough love I needed at times.

I am so grateful to have her in my life as a little kid and into my adulthood. She has been there for the most important times in my life and I look forward to her being there for all the important things ahead. I love you more then words can say and actions can prove. Thank you for being my rock, my safe place,my fun times, my family, and mostly my friend! I love you!

Who can you thank in your life for guidance, support, safety, friendship, love or for anything else? I hope you can thank that person or maybe you have many people you can thank, either way saying you appreciate them means a lot. I appreciate you Chrissy!

Love n Hugs

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