I look at my footprints: either a firm pace or an unsteady gait accompanies my discovery of the world. It’s either experience or irresponsibility.
I know.

It’s a world where all boundaries have melted into one puzzling category.
Male/female/lesbian/bisexual/left or right winged/ wealthy/poor.
It doesn’t really matter anymore.

Wickedness could be everywhere.

The murder of Luca Varani in Italy is something outrageous.
"We killed him to see if it would have been fun".

Two men ('cause at thirty years old baby you are a man, not a kid anymore), bored, at their home, decided to spice up their night with cocaine and murder.

I am used to traveling alone.

And I am a traveling woman/was a traveling girl.
I enjoy it.
I crave for it.
I do not need to get over a broken relationship nor to change job (though it would be desirable).

I need to see with my eyes, talk to people, get involved with their lives, taste exotic fruits, dance different rhythms, and I cannot wait for somebody to keep me company to book a flight.

I shivered yesterday when I read "Ayer me mataron".

Because I realized how much I've been lucky in my wanderings.

Because #viajosola.

I took the last metro in Paris and two guys lowered their pants and started pointing at my direction while playing with their jewels.
And there were only the three of us.

I slept on the beach and two wonderful men who could have been my fathers invited me to share their house and took me fishing the day after among mangroves and crocodiles.

I have been followed on a indolent Spanish afternoon by a guy who after few blocks pushed me against a door jamb: I was so scared I lost my voice.

It’s not Ecuador, Italy, Spain. It’s whatever.


You wear really short hair?
You like threesomes.

You dye your hair Eighties Madonna style?
You're a bitch.

You wear tight shirts?
Easy going.

Authorization to touch.

You accept a second drink?
You like me. No matter who paid the first one.

Trust is unpredictable.

I’m glad to be irresponsibly lucky.

Despite everything, there are awesome people out there. Humans.

Quenching encounters for the fiery thirst of discovering the world that I feel.

Lasting footsteps on my life path.

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