Travel Tips to Make Long Trips More Enjoyable

I travel lots. Not the most of anyone I’m sure, but enough to have found myself inconvenienced lots of times and to have learned approaches to make life more comfortable on the highway. Recently I just traveled to Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat at Ipoh ( would like to share with you all some of my thought learnt through this trip.Hopefully they’ll come in handy to others.

Always carry an energy strip in your suitcase. An excellent option for international trips to avoid needing to buy multiple adapters. But even in your residense country, hotels can be definitely bad about providing enough shops. I have one of these which fits nicely within a suitcase or laptop bag without taking up too much room.

If that suits you coffee or tea, bring your favorite brand of instant mix. I’m not a big Starbucks espresso fan, but their Via product is best tasting instant coffee I’ve ever endured and beats the coffee easily obtainable in any hotel room anywhere. When you’re looking to beat jet lag, having something better compared to a hotel swill is very allowed.

Considering getting a portable WIFI router. Many of the hotels I stay in only provide ethernet connections, which might otherwise tether me to some sort of desk. Given how much work I really do at my computer, being able to sit where ever I like from the room is important. I also use the WIFI router to connect multiple devices and never have to (potentially) pay multiple times for internet access. We have an old air port express which we use for this reason.

Be careful about SMS communications. Even if your phone performs overseas, you can easily amass a ridiculous cellular telephone bill from sending or obtaining SMS messages. One friend accidentally were left with a $600 bill from sms alone after a trip in another country. It’s not unusual for each text message to cost $0. 50 and up.

Bring along lesser device when traveling internationally. As an example, in Japan’s Narita airport you can easily rent a portable WIFI access point gives internet access via the cellular network right from the arrivals area. On my last trip, I passed the time with a bus video chatting with my lady. Another cell phone option should be to bring an unlocked phone and get a pre-paid SIM card correctly in your destination country. Contact me if you would like to know more general information about Ipoh of Malaysia.

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