And there it is, the lazy feminist response to everything.
dogma vat

I’m sorry, your response is pathetic.

If you cannot see that women are physically scared of random men on the street because oh, I don’t know, a millennia of harassment, physical attacks and abuse at the hands of men, you have no place in this conversation.

The ‘oh men get attacked too by women’ is so lame. Oh please. You got into a fight with your girlfriend and she yelled at you? Tried to hit you? Oh wait no, you were beaten and raped by her and left to bleed out by a dumpster. Oh wait, it wasn’t your girlfriend, it was a random woman. Oh wait, no, it was a pack of women and all of her friends. Beat you, raped you, left you for dead. That’s right.

When you make ridiculous comments like ‘oh but men!’ You are trying to shut down the conversation without offering solutions. You are dismissing the issue out right and acting like we’re out here just trying to insult guys.

Think before you type.