Dating is dead
The Angry Therapist

Those saying ‘this is nostalgia’…how sad. Is your ‘new’ way better? Your fancy modern excuse-making way of ‘women need to make the first move and fear getting rejected too, women need to pay so they have skin in the game, or need to meet just for coffee if not because what if she shows up fat, and if we have sex no one better get the feels because dear god there could be a 9 around the next swipe and this girl is only a 7.68- time to ghost’

THIS is not an improvement. THIS is not better. Your phone has provided you with more options and that’s about it. And more is just more. There’s a difference better Golden Corral and the Capital Grille, isn’t there?

If everyone I met who is in the dating game right now was screaming with joy, I’d be right there with you and say ‘fuck nostalgia!’ But everyone I know who is looking for a partner (can’t even say they are ‘dating’ because no one asks anyone out) is SAD. They are lonely. They are confused and mind-fucked constantly with the flakiness and the ghosting.

This is not an improvement.

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