Converging on Feasible and Effective Ideas

For our project we have decided to create an online community for nurses called “Healthy Nurse 365.” It will be an online community that is centered around the health of the mind, body and spirit of nurses. It will utilize redeemable rewards such as massages, shopping sprees and healthy foods sent to your home among others. These rewards will be redeemable based on whether or not nurses have reached their exercise goals. In order to track exercise goals the website and app will have the capability to sync up with devices such as the Fitbit.

It will be a website but also an app for easy access.

Our second idea was to create a wellness program in the hospital setting itself that was competition based. After much deliberation we decided to combine both of our ideas. We decided that our online community will be affiliated with a hospital’s wellness program.

We decided that this combination of ideas would be best based on previous brainstorming ideas as well as feedback from our potential users. We have interviewed many nurses including day and night nurses to try and understand why they do or do not exercise.

Our Top 5 Pains of our potential users are the following

  1. Too busy, lack of time to exercise
  2. Lack of a healthy diet: no time to prep meals
  3. Inconvenience
  4. Highly stressed
  5. Boring, no one to exercise with

The gains we hope to provide are in line with trying to resolve customer’s pains. The app will include easy access to healthy quick recipes, a schedule of classes that would be offered by the hospital such as dance classes or yoga classes and friendly team competitions. It will also incorporate an online coach and a community where nurses can interact with one another or blog about their experiences. The biggest selling point of our online incentive program is the rewards themselves! Based on activity level and goal achievement nurses will be able to redeem rewards. The idea of rewards was a big selling point when discussing with our potential users. Many of the people that we interviewed stated that they would definitely attempt to exercise more if they could gain something from it such as free foods or massages.

We, as a team, are very excited to move forward with our product and we hope to hone in on our idea in the remaining weeks.

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