A Letter to Religion

I can´t say that I believe in God. In the same way that I can´t say that I believe in mermaids, unicorns, and fairies, because as a human being this is unknown to me. However, it seems to me that in a universe so vast and so infinite, the possibilities are endless and therefore, nothing should be impossible.

So I can´t say that I do or don´t believe in a universal life force.

But what I am positively sure of, is that I don´t believe in your god.

I can´t deny that my gut feeling tells me there may be something out there, bigger than you and I. But that´s all it is, you know; a hunch, I can´t prove it in any way… believe me I´ve literally tried. I´ve never seen God, I´ve never spoken to him, I´ve never heard him speak. For all I know, he might not be a he. He might just be an It; some kind of incomprehensible matter or energy with the ability to hold everything together, in its place. It might just be the air that we breathe, or maybe some kind of grand organism and we´re just teeny tiny cells that survive in it, existing because It exists.

My point is, that it is always going to be nothing else but a belief, until enough substantial evidence is gathered to prove otherwise. This can happen in our life time, or it just might never happen.

And yes, I do believe in the possibility of a universal force of life, I just don´t believe in your explanation for it, I cannot believe in your god because in all honesty, he is far too limited compared to the evidence we do have of the countless galaxies in the universe we know.

It is for that simple reason, that you´ll never catch me going from neighborhood to neighborhood, door to door, declaring the “good news of the gospel” because it is just plain wrong and deceitful to try and brainwash someone into thinking you have ample evidence of what deep inside, you know you don´t have any accurate confirmation of.

But I wasn´t always this way, you know; the all-powerful Christian god used to be the center of my life. I used to call myself a believer and go from door to door preaching the “good news” and all that churchly crap. The thing was, when I was deliberately insulted or ignored, I threw away the “good news “ booklet out the window and condemned my victims to eternal damnation, and I did it not only with conviction but also with a disturbing pleasure. I did this because I thought I was chosen, I thought I was special, better than everyone else, including believers like me. I didn´t ever think anything bad could ever happen to me because I was the apple of Yahweh’s eye until it did.

I witnessed the most horrible event in my life… my mother´s death.

My mother passed and my entire world came crumbling down not only because my heart was pulled out of my chest and trampled on, but also because that wasn´t supposed to happen, at least not the way it did, not to a devout Christian mother. I was so angry and so disappointed in my heavenly father. I mean, where the hell was he when you truly needed him? Why didn´t he listen to our prayers? Why didn´t he do what he was supposed to do? Did he not care? And then it hit me…how could he listen to my prayers, how could he possibly care about what my mother had gone through, if he was just a myth?

So, I put away my bible and I started to seek facts, any evidence that I could get my hands on, that would confirm that my belief and the belief of thousands and thousands of people of different religious and ethnical backgrounds, from all parts of the world, were true. I compared religious teachings to scientific truth, I researched every religion existent on this planet, I read articles and books written by famous pastors, apostles, atheists, scientists, free thinkers., you name it. I read and re read the life of Jesus biblically and historically and after all that trouble I went through, this is what I found: nothing. Until this very day, there is no historical, or scientific evidence of the existence of God. So, there you go, the last pebble that took to finish crumbling my world down, fell.

I had wasted 10 years of the only life I´ve got, surrendering my will, surrendering my entire being, my money, to a mythical deity because a devious someone told me that it was what I was supposed to do. All that time, it had never occurred to me that I should question what I was being taught; I had been chained to the desires, greed and tyranny of a mythical being created by men whose purpose was to control and prevent me from reasoning, by telling me that the chains they put on me, were setting me free.

All this time, I had been bound amongst the free, I had been dead amongst the living, I had been brainwashed.

So No, I can´t tell you I do or do not believe that something is out there, but I can tell you that I absolutely do not believe in your god; because your god doesn´t want me free. He wants me brainwashed.