The personal one — Part 2

It is exactly two weeks ago since you saw the first picture of me. Okay, I admit that you can’t see my face on this one. But this is on purpose. Lastly, my intention is to keep your attention, your imagination how I may look like. Since my last picture I posted a lot of stuff on my blog. A variety of blog posts: the personal ones, the deeper ones, the ones with a meaningful picture, a short text or a video. I promise I will keep this structure of variety to not bore you.

Today I am showing you more than half of my face. You can make up your own mind what character is behind this face. Actual, I am writing this blog post in the plane. There you can see how practical the possibilities of today’s media age are. You can write wherever you are and post it from anywhere (except my case — I don’t want to disturb the air safety obviously).

Why do I tell you that I am on the plane? That’s part of my strategy. With every blog post you get to know more and more of me. There will be three other “personal ones”, posted regularly until January and at the last blog post, you will get a whole profile of my person. Today I reveal that I have a boyfriend. That’s why I am on the plane. He studies abroad in London and I will visit him for five days.

Maybe this is not the “absolute necessary” information for you, but it’s part of my identity. We haven’t seen each other for three weeks because I study abroad as well. In fact, in Malta from September until February. Primarily, we are both from Germany. He studies Business Administration, I study Journalism and Public Relations. When everything goes as planned, I will write my Bachelor Thesis next summer. I don’t know what I want to do after that. Maybe a Master’s degree or working for the radio station in my hometown where I did an internship last year. We’ll see about that.

Enough information for today, you will get more personal details in two weeks. Have a nice weekend, all of you!