Socks are a Good Symbol to Judge Man’s Attitude…

Socks are a very good medium or the symbol to judge man’s attitude and his hobbies. Many people say that it clearly displays man’s hygienic level and its behaviour too.

Often people keep on wearing socks without changing and washing them at regular intervals. Due to regular use and in summer specially they start to sting.

Often such ignorance can prove fatal for the health of feet and people suffering from diabetes can be harshly affected by such THEEK HAI.

Socks are that part of wearing which are worn almost every day. Some avoid them in hot and thrashing summers as Nagra, Sandles or leather sleepers and other open and airy footwear replaces formal leather or sports shoes at that period of the year. Indian men have the tendency to hide the socks as they command the tailor to make the trouser touching the ribs of the shoes.

We advise complete care of your socks as like of other apparels of the body. They should be washed and changed at regular intervals.

Keeping in drawer at least 3 to 4 pairs and their alternate use will the best solution to stay away of dirty and sting problems of socks.

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