Are you really “living” a work life balance?

When I started working, I heard & read several articles about a concept called work life balance. They said the key to your happy work life is to live a work life balance. Sounds cool?

I did & I do try to follow the advices. I join different activities outside work. I do exercise multiple times a week, catch up with college friends, join social activities, watch movies, go to malls, go for vacation, etc.

How did I feel after doing these all stuffs? Satisfied! I felt proud of myself when I could do all these different stuffs outside my work. Did I feel much more happier? Yes & No. Not always. I expected there is a positive correlation between number of outside work activities I have and level of happiness. So, the more activities I have, the happier I will be. BUT, it doesn’t always work that way.

I started to question the concept of work life balance? Is it really true?

One day I found the answer I’m looking for.

It’s not the concept that is wrong, it’s my understanding that is not fully comprehensive. I figured work life balance in terms of physical activities only. I missed one essential element, which is the state of mind when I do all those activities. Balanced activities must be followed by balanced mind. Balanced mind doesn’t mean that you need to sit down & meditate. To me, it means focus on whatever you’re doing.

Here are some tips that I have practised to balance my mind and it works so far ☺

  1. Fully be there. When you are at work, then busy your mind with your work. When you are at home, fully think about your family. When you are going for holiday, just chill & relax, keep away your phone. Not another way around. It will be wrong if you think about holiday at work, & think about work on holiday. So, enjoy every moment & be there 100%.
  2. When chaos happens in your work, don’t stress out. Take a deep breathe in & breathe out. It will help to clear your mind from panic and think of the solution. Focus on the solution, not the problems.
  3. Focus on quality, not quantity. When you can’t do lots of activities with quality in a day, then it’s better to do few only. That is okay.
  4. If you decide to work on weekend or stay up late, then don’t complaint. Complaints make things harder. So, just do it. If you decide not to work during weekend/holiday, then don’t hold that in your mind. Just have fun, enjoy your day, and the next day you get back to office feeling fully recharged.

Of course, it’s easier said than done. But, it is worth to try. Hope these help you to have happier work life ☺

Powerful quote from Brendon Burchard that made me realize on the importance of balanced mind.