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Events, Rituals, Roles & Content —

Moodou is a social community built to allow its users to become entertained through different mediums of media. Whether it be video, photos or sound clips they are placed in to different categories and then fed through a feed depending on what the viewer picks.

Engagement Loop-

As an administrator, I felt that the use of an Engagement Loop was a perfect way to build a finalised community. So ill take our page as an example: Being bored can be the users reason for coming on to Moodou which means thats motivation. Being able to check a certain newsfeed is their form of action. Having the ability to comment, post, like or share would be the viewer gaining feedback and being socially active would contribute to their emotion.


Having a human touch to your social community can really make users feel as if they mean something to the community. Roles may include support teams, curators or community managers that would deal with anything that may arise personally and not through an automated message.


Give bonuses: discounts, free space, more stuff, special status, etc.

Give credit or points where it’s due.

Create demand: limit time or quantity to drive scarcity.

Events & Rituals

Using the categories to create live streams on the different subjects could be a way of bringing excitement to the feed. For example, having a motivational speaker do a live talk in the motivational feed section would be a successful event that could get my community involved. In the make me laugh section I could also have ticket selling for comedy shows or live streams of comedians playing through that feed.

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