14 Ways to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday

Photo Credit: Lechon Kirb

I have this theory that no matter what age we are, we never actually grow up. We may become wiser and have more experience, but we never actually know what we’re doing.

What? You’re telling me to speak for myself?

Ok, fine.

Ladies and gentleman, I am graduating from my twenties in just over a month. And while this latest jump scares me a little, I have to remember that there are still two things I love most in this world:

Attention and parties.

So yeah. You can bet I’m going to make an event out of it.

Sort of kidding. I can assure you though, plans are in the making. Also, since I’ve done so much brainstorming and searching of ideas, why not share with you a few of my favorites?

14 Ways to Celebrate your 30th Birthday

  1. Take a vacation by yourself. Go where you want, when you want, and only worry about the things you want to do. It may change your life.
  2. Change your style (but not your hair). Donate those shirts you have in five different colors, and create a fresh, new wardrobe. Consult that old Fashion board on your Pinterest, or hire a professional or a trusted friend for help. Just please, for the love of God, DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR! You’ll regret it (and it might bum out your significant other.)
  3. Cross something off of your bucket list. Sure you could go skydiving and crap your pants, but why not resolve to something more enjoyable like eating chocolate in Switzerland or getting tickets to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (if that’s your jam, as it most definitely is mine).
  4. Have a boudoir photo shoot. Find a good photographer and someone to do your hair and makeup. You don’t have to share the final proofs with anyone but yourself… Unless you want to. But do it for you.
  5. Road trip. Plan it with someone you care about but haven’t been connected with recently. Take your sister or younger brother; take that best friend you haven’t seen since she moved away and got married. It’s time to reconnect.
  6. Be a tourist in your own city (or state). Experience its most famous attractions because you’re there, and you can. Embrace what’s around you. It might be fun!
  7. Make a fun purchase. You know that item you’ve had on your wish list for years but refused to buy because it wasn’t “practical enough.” Maybe you have a few items waiting in limbo. Why not get them all? (Amazon Wishlist purchasing spree, baby!)
  8. Write “thank you” letters. Do this for each person who has influenced you most over the last 30 years, even if it’s just one line. Make sure to hand-write them.
  9. Go wine or champagne tasting. If you’re feeling fancy, tell your friends to dress up and hire a limo to take you around.
  10. Have a stay-in getaway. Rent a cozy beach house in a quaint town, or stay at cabin in the mountains with a group. Take turns cooking meals and making drinks. Indoors can be nice.
  11. Write a memoir. Of course this will be about your life so far. In 30 more years you can write the second half, and who knows, maybe you’ll even get published.
  12. Make interesting dinner reservations. Try a restaurant that offers a unique experience along with the meal. For example, Opaque in San Francisco provides a dining experience in complete darkness, and all of the servers are legally blind. Why not? (More ideas: Top 10 Strangest Restaurants in the US)
  13. Learn a new subject. Sign up for an online course in a subject that has always interested you. Maybe it’s Mystery Novel Writing 101, or Coding for Dummies. It’s never too late to start up a new interest.
  14. Commit to something creative. Start that project you’ve always told yourself you didn’t have time for, and make it a priority. A blog, a podcast, your own book club, training for a marathon, writing a novel — whatever!

Notice I did not suggest that you get a tattoo, or get married, or get a new set of boobs. Just be healthy. Be smart. Be you.

Also, be a kick-ass 30 year old. We have a reputation to uphold.

Originally published at www.frenchpressrunner.com on March 3, 2016.