A life free of diets. Is it possible?

My story is all too familiar to most women…it goes something like this — diet, immediate weight loss, weight loss slows down, cravings escalate, cue the binge. Feel bad about binge, say F#@% diets, weight gain, and bring on the latest and greatest diet.

And this turns into a life long repetitive madness that seems to never end.

Sound familiar? Do you go on a diet only to find yourself craving anything you can get your hands on? Read on and see how I’ve recovered from this cycle and how you can too.

Trying and failing at diets is a topic all too familiar to me. And I can talk confidently about this misery because I totally get what it’s like to be a prisoner to dieting. For as long as I can remember my life revolved around trying to lose weight. I started my days weighing myself and regardless of the number on the scale, the useless chatter in my head about dieting and exercising began; the most popular being “I hate my stomach!”. I would think about dieting, exercising, food, my weight, and my size a million times a day. It was a constant stream of madness. So much so I’ve ruined amazing moments in my life. My lowest point was when I visited Elba Island, off the coast of Italy and drank Italian wine, and ate homemade Italian food. I should’ve been totally thrilled right? I wasn’t. In fact, I was miserable. I was miserable because I had to put on a bathing suit every day and I hated the way I looked. This nearly ruined my vacation because I felt sick to my stomach every day from the anxiety and was moody as hell from the emotional roller coaster. Every time I started to enjoy myself I remembered I hated my body and I had to face my bathing suit the next day.

What the HELL?!

How crazy was I?! And ruining awesome vacations? (among other things!)?! The mental ball and chain I was carrying around was heavy and exhausting. Some days I thought, “I just want to not think”..literally, I just want to stop thinking!!! All I wanted was a day of peace and for the crazy conversation about my body to JUST STOP!

I needed answers!

When I returned home, I frantically looked for answers. Living a non-diet life…was it possible?! I found resources, took classes, read my brain off about body image issues and how to overcome them. Through this I discovered, there is more to life than hating my body. That it’s ACTUALLY possible to live in my current body and be happy. Since I’ve learned to love my body for what it is, I find joy in things I never could feel before because I was too busy worrying about how fat I was. My experience with food is so much different now. I no longer feel crazy around it and I trust myself. When I eat, it’s without judgment and based on how my body feels and what I want. When I exercise it’s because I LOVE my body, not because I HATE it. I can finally say I live a life free of the diet prison.


Since I don’t spend time counting calories, weighing my food, weighing myself and working out for hours I can live life the way it was meant to be lived…FREE, CONFIDENT, BOLD, AND NOT SCARED! And I want nothing more than to help other woman feel the same and live a life of bad assery!

If you’d like to learn how to live free of diets and get rid of the constant crazy chatter in your head about your food, weight loss, dieting, and exercising, please visit my website at www.melissacoloton.com and sign up for your free guide to never dieting again.

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