Walmart’s Curbside Pick-Up — A Review

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A couple of months ago, I heard that Walmart was going to start offering curbside grocery pick-up in my local area, and my first thought was that I had somehow made God very happy! As a busy working mom, that juggles home life with work life, and pure exhaustion, my weekly grocery shopping trips had become a necessary evil, if my family wanted to stay fed.

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Typically, I would split my shopping between three to four stores, depending on where the best deals and the freshest produce could be found. My main go-to’s were Target, Walmart, Aldi and the local Farmer’s Market. Every now and then, Kroger would be thrown in the mix as a matter of convenience, since it is literally right across the street from my neighborhood. Needless to say, shopping excursions could turn into all-day events if I didn’t plan them out well.

Enter: Walmart Curbside Pick-Up. Now, I have the convenience of placing my order online for pick-up the following day, and I never have to set foot inside the store. I haven’t shopped for groceries, actually inside the store, in over two months now. What’s even better, is that my kids don’t even have to unbuckle their seatbelts! Once we pull into the designated pick-up area, the Walmart associates load everything into our car for us, and we’re back on the road again in under five minutes.

Three Reasons That Walmart Curbside Pick-Up Is A Bang-Up Service

1) It saves you time.

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With Walmart Curbside Pick-Up, I do all of my shopping online through their grocery portal at my convenience, and then go to the store the following day to pick-up my order. In doing so, I save hours each month that I would otherwise be spending trudging the aisles of the several different grocery stores!

2) It saves you money.

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Every time I actually go inside the grocery store, I fall victim to the marketing ploy that is “impulse buying.” I have every good intention of sticking to my list, and sticking to my budget, but it never fails, I see something I can’t live without (yet, have managed to up until that point somehow), and blow my spending plan.

Walmart Curbside Pick-Up cuts out that risk factor — for the most part. I mean, they still offer suggestions to me when I go to checkout, based on my buying habits, and previous purchases. But for the most part, the temptations are limited, and I can make conscious decisions about what I am putting into my shopping cart.

Another way that this service helps to save money is that it allows me to see exactly what my total is, as I add or deduct items from my cart. Sure, a good old-fashioned calculator can do the same thing in the store, but this eliminates any potential errors due to mis-priced items, or simple distraction.

3) It gives you the chance to earn referral credits.

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Yes, it is true… you can earn $10.00 credit for each person you refer for this service! And to make the deal even sweeter, they get $10.00 credit just for signing up! Sounds like a win-win situation to me, if I’ve ever heard of one…

Sign-Up for Pick-Up Now!

Click here to go to the Walmart Grocery home page, where you will be prompted to enter your zip code to see if this service is available anywhere in your area.

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From there, you can create a login, and start searching for items to fill your cart with!

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After loading up your cart, you simply select a window of time to pick-up your order, then enter your payment information.


Many first-timers, including myself, don’t notice at first that there are checkboxes next to each item on the screen where you review your order before submitting it. These checkboxes are where you can authorize a substitution if they are out of stock of a specific item you ordered. If you are very particular about a certain brand or size of one of your items, make sure that you uncheck the box next to that item, so that they don’t substitute it for anything!

I’m interested in hearing about your experience with Walmart’s service, or if you have another grocery pick-up or delivery service in your area, tell us about it!