A first-time director’s story: making and distributing an indie documentary

Filming back in 2014 for my debut feature documentary, Adele and Everything After

I’ve been on a journey for almost three years, to make a documentary and get it out into the world.

When I made the decision to make this movie, I had no idea what I was choosing. I didn’t know what the process would take from me, and what it would give. How it would change and shape me.

That it would lead me to a place where I could refer to myself as “a director” without feeling the tug of an imposter complex rooted in how I found my way to filmmaking, circuitously and without formal education.

Making my first feature-length documentary, Adele and Everything After, has been my film school and while I’m still here, in the middle of this experience, it occurred to me that every movie contains a hidden narrative. What viewers see on the screen is only one story arc, and what happens behind the camera has its own character development, plot twists and — hopefully — happy endings.

So I’m going to share that story: of what I learned and how I messed up and what I’d do differently and how I was changed and whether I make any money and what happens next. I wish I could have read something like this before I started, or maybe I don’t, because if I knew what I was getting into, I might have been too scared to jump.

I’ll start by going back, to how the project first unfurled, and get you up-to-date with where I stand now, in the middle of a film festival run and fumbling towards distribution. I’m hoping to quickly get to a point where we’re in real time, so you can wring your hands and bite your nails along with me as the plot unfolds.

Let me know in the comments what you’d like to know more about, and I promise to write something in response. And if you want to learn more about this film, visit adeleandeverythingafter.com or LIKE us facebook.com/adeleandeverythingafter

Adele and Everything After is a feature documentary about a woman with an untreatable heart condition and the service dog who transforms her life, produced by Long Haul Films. Want to stay up-to-date with news about upcoming screenings, the making of the movie, service dogs and our filmmaking journey? Text DOG to 44144 or go to aaea.co/subscribe.