My Prayers for You, My Sweet Child

My sweet child,

You are a precious child of God. God knows everything about you, and I hope you know God too. I prayed for you before you were born, and I pray for you throughout each day.

You are the answer to my prayers. I prayed and prayed and prayed some more for God to bring into my life the child I was supposed to love and raise. When I learned I was to be your mama, my heart filled with joy and my world changed. I was so excited and happy.

While I waited for you to arrive, I became even happier. I watched you grow with increasing anticipation. I prayed God would help me raise you the way He wants. I prayed God would use me to teach you about Him and His great love for you. I prayed God would give me the strength and wisdom to follow His will for you. The hope of you filled my thoughts and days. I could not wait to meet you.

On the day you were born, my prayers became reality. You are a gift from God. I am blessed God entrusted me to be your mama. I immediately loved you more than I thought was possible. In that moment, I promised to make sure you know how much I and God love you. I also promised to treat you as the blessing you are, cherishing the time we have together.

You are growing so fast and the years quickly pass. Each day, I marvel at how God created you. In my eyes, God made you perfectly. I also watch with awe as you grow. With each new feat and smile, I see God’s love and grace.

You have grown from a helpless baby in the palms of my hands into your own person with your own plans. You have learned so many new things like how to treat others and how to love. (Oh, how I love your “I love you’s”.)

To this day, I pray for God to keep helping me teach you about Him. I pray God will guide both of us so you — the true and special you — can shine through.

I pray my words and actions show you how much you are loved. I pray our times together are special. I pray we make lots of wonderful memories out of life’s everyday moments. These are God’s daily blessings.

I pray I model God’s ways to you. Most importantly, I pray I show you God’s love through my love. God loves you so much more than I ever can and so much more than words can express. He loves you completely and always.

I pray I teach you to seek God first, last, and always. God wants to be in relationship with you. God will show you the way to Him and His will for you. God will guide and strengthen you. He will share your joys and comfort your hurts. God will carry you through the difficult times.

I pray you choose God too. I pray you choose to live God’s way and not the world’s way. I pray you love well — love God, love yourself, and love others.

As much as I would like to, I cannot be with you and protect you all of the time. As you grow, I increasingly need to let you go so you can live your own life and God’s plan for you, whether you are trying new things or eventually leaving home to find your own way. But God always will be with you.

My dear child, I love you now and forever. I am so grateful God blessed me with you. My greatest wish is for you to know and feel how much God loves you. God and His love are with you wherever you are.