Let’s Talk Loyalty: Analytics & the Customer Journey

Where the rubber meets the road on building loyalty (and advocacy) with customers is serving them with relevant and meaningful experiences along the customer journey. Each stage of the journey plays a critical role to deepening engagement with your brand. By leveraging insights and analytics at each stage, brands will be able to craft the most valuable experiences that will create those lasting memories and connections with customers for life.

As marketers, we are constantly trying to crack the code on analyzing consumer behavior from a someone clicking on your ad, to then walking into your store to make a purchase. Some brands and categories will have an easier time ‘connecting the dots,’ but there is no simple turnkey solution as of yet, and this will also vary by industry and vertical.

Being able to understand where the gaps of customer information are from points A to Z will help brands understand what solutions to put in place to help design a better brand mapping of messaging, offers, and experiences along the customer journey. This is much easier said than done but upside will result in a big opportunity for your bottom line.

Dunkin Donuts created a digital vision that would aim to beef up their brand experience in order to serve their customers better, everyday. Upon doing some research, they found that their customers wanted speed to discounts, which equaled to time saved, and ultimately a great brand experience. By making investments in their mobile app, they created a holistic experience where their customer could locate a store, check-in upon arrival to earn points, place their drink order through the app, then earn more points for purchasing and a drink and using their app for payment (i.e., mobile wallet). What Dunkin Donuts is doing here is creating a seamless offline to online brand experience, where technology enables the brand to respond to a customer at every point along their journey.

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