The Loyalty360 Expo Conference was another hit this year. The conference is dedicated to teaching brands, marketers and service providers how to create deeper customer engagement and brand loyalty in an ever-changing marketing landscape. There was a wealth of inspirational speakers, successful case studies shared, and open forums.

It would be merely impossible to capture the incredible body of work that each of the presenters shared throughout the entire conference, but I’ve captured some key highlights that will make a big impact with your customers:

  • Loyalty is more than just points. Consumers want experiences as rewards — the experience is what people remember and associate with your brand (small and large).
  • From brands, consumers want organic, authentic and relevant content.
  • Consumers will share content only if it makes them feel good and are proud of, not just because a brand asked them to share.
  • Digital is a part of the strategy not the execution.

This is a nice reminder that digital and brand loyalty play an increasing role in the world of marketing today and in the future. Stay tuned for the next post, where I dive deeper into the above highlights.

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