Healthcare: Dreadlocks Meet the DMV

The healthcare system has been knotting progressively over time, to get a certain look and feel and style. People can get the care they need (for the most part), but there are twists and turns that often need to be followed to receive necessary care. To get paid, a doctor or hospital has to jump through a complex, ever evolving, labyrinth of rules like you’d find at the DMV: regulations, and IT interfaces laden with data entry/data flow failure points, insurance verification and financial clearance challenges that are often intentionally headache inducing, and the system is such a behemoth, that to cut its head off, will take us at least another decade.

I believe, that the system is screwed. Best case, we’re reaching an inflection point, worst case, we’re at the onset of a long, cold war of chaos, confusion, and disparate care. There are good people who want to see it improved. There are good people who think we have to blow it up and start again.

Posts that follow will be based on what I’ve seen up close. Any opinions expressed, are my own alone, and do not reflect the opinion of any organization or entity. I’ll weigh in on some of what I’ve witnessed, learned, and considered, without incriminating specifics. I’ll think of it as a way to whet a layperson’s appetite and unravel some of my own thoughts and frustrations. Maybe then, we can begin to peel back some of the layers of complexity, and begin a dialogue around a different kind of future we want for the healthcare landscape, where innovative models are attempted, and the best ones are scaled to prevent illness and keep us healthier, with a bit more humanity, at a lower, more affordable cost.

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