4 things you should avoid doing this winter

Christmas is over… now what? With the holiday season slowly fading away, you may think that winter will soon be off as well. Don’t fool yourself! Winter only starts now, when the ornaments are put away and the Christmas market does not sell tartiflette anymore. And because there is absolutely no good in keeping some Christmas cheer to beat the winter blues, follow these 4 tips on how to survive your post-holidays winter in Brussels.

1. SAY NO to food.

Did you enjoy all Christmas comfort food? Well, it’s time to stop. Everyone knows that holiday season food only belongs to the holiday season! You should feel very guilty of having enjoyed every bite of turkey and pledge to never touch a calorie in 2017. Yes, it is time for you to promise to yourself to never reach out to that occasional cookie, chocolate or gravy in the next year and to make yourself some boiled Brussels sprouts every night. Don’t even think of pouring yourself some glühwein in the dead of winter. It might cheer you up.

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2. SAY NO to spas.

Does the thought of indulging yourself in a warm spa make you roll your eyes? I’m with you on this one. Spas are known for improving your mood and health, which is clearly what you need to avoid in wintertime. I would leave running from the outdoor sauna to the outdoor shower to the outdoor jacuzzi to boring people only. Also, warm bubbling water while it is snowing outside really does sound like a fastidious idea. It is proven that this strange activity boosts your immune system and mood and, simply put, makes you happy. After that, you could even treat yourself with a massage. Who would like to torture themselves with all that?

Baths of Spa

3. SAY NO to theater plays.

Were you planning on being told stories this winter? It doesn’t sound like a great idea. Theater plays, or any show involving real people for that matter, are too old-fashioned and unenjoyable in our digital age. They fail terribly at representing our own humanity: they focus on unfolding stories through intricate characters, after all. The performers’ voice, movements, dance and interactions might even make you think, experience and delight in the show — reviving feelings that might be numbed down due to the cold winter months. No show is identical to another and no energy is shared in the same way — so it’s not like you’re missing out on anything anyway, right?

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4. SAY NO to a little getaway in the Ardennes.

Do the words crisp air, greens valleys and fresh game make you shiver with horror? Then make sure to not go to the Ardennes this winter. This region in the south of Belgium has abundant natural landscapes and lush forests that are home to wild animals and shimmering rivers. The picturesque villages, castles and citadels are witnesses to the region’s past and are allies in keeping folklore and tradition alive. Also, the Ardennes are often under the snow in wintertime. If you don’t enjoy beautiful hikes in the frozen flakes, sleigh rides, followed by warm chocolate by the fireplace, then definitely avoid the Ardennes.

Durbuy, Belgium

So, my friends, it’s time to go in hibernation mode until spring (that is, most likely, in June), and say no to the pleasures of post-Christmas winter in Belgium. Don’t eat, don’t pamper nor entertain yourself and don’t enjoy the outdoors.

But if you’re stubborn enough to still want to do these things despite my warnings, here are some addresses: Spas:

A few theaters:



Some towns in the Ardennes:

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