Ponder This: the ‘Good,’ the ‘Bad,’ and the Immeasurable …

While assiduously avoiding the recent inundation of sensationalist pop culture stories about the latest scandals and falls from grace, I still had an unexpected moment of introspection about how our society tries to quantify moral standards. I found myself asking:

What’s the supposed measure that actually determines whether a person is “good” or ‘bad?’

While I fully realize that this is an abstract question which has no simple answer, our society has a nasty habit of trying to reduce complex human behavior and concepts down into something binary;

Bad and good, right and wrong, important and unimportant.

But riddle me this;

If a person who has been “good” all his or her life suddenly does something truly atrocious and inhumane, does that one act then negate every positive thing that person has ever done?

And conversely, if an individual who is considered conventionally “bad” performs an uncommon act of heroic valor, is that person just magically transformed into “one of the good guys?”

Furthermore, beyond individual personal perspective, is there any way to actually quantify such traits?

“Talk amongst yourselves; discuss.”