Blog Entry #10

This week we are looking at what the future could potentially hold. I’m talking about education more than anything. Don’t get me wrong, all I want to do is get out into the industry, get working and start earning some money! But, all of that comes with great patience.

There are many options out there, including masters and PGCEs to name a few. You would have thought that getting any form of further education is going to give you the edge over any other students as technically, on paper, you are going to be much more qualified than others. It helps you develop your portfolio and allowing you to learn as you do this. It’s a much more independent way of studying with contact time being reduced from the small amount you get doing a BA. Below are two Masters of design courses from Derby University and De Montfort University:

These are both very similar courses, with the same outcome. However, Derby university gives students the option of carrying studying and turning their BA into an MA from the start, whereas De-Montfort university offers a separate course for the masters.

If this isn’t up your street though, and you’re sick of university and studying in this way, then maybe an internship is more for you. Internships allow for students to work in industry and get a taste of what it’s going to be like. These are often paid placements, however you can land unpaid, voluntary internships.

On the derby university website I found two potential design based internship, one’s a volunteers job, whereas the other is a paid placement. This is another road that you can go down, in order to enhance your portfolio and get thrown in at the deep end, if it were.

Personally, I don’t want to go into any more education, as I feel, in the creative industry, you learn whilst you work anyway. In fact I’d say you learn more by working than you do studying, as you’re getting the experience and doing things head on. I spoke to my old photography teacher before coming to university (he has a graphic design masters and about 5 years of industry experience) and he said that when he first got a job, his boss told him that the best experience you can get is work, and that is definitely something I can live by!