Blog Entry #6

This week we did not have a lecture, instead we took a trip to sunny Liverpool to visit some museums and exhibitions. First of all we started at Tate, probably one of the most well known series of art museums, including the likes of Tate Britain and Tate Modern, in London, Tate St Ives, in Cornwall and of course Tate Liverpool.

What I like about Tate, is that they are always very diverse with the content that they have. It shows work from sculptor’s to graphic designers, to fine artists. The first two piece of art that struck my eye were these two images below:

Geometric Shape Art

I love simple things, and if they contain simple geometric shapes then it’s even better. I love the simplicity of both of these pieces. I think I prefer the square image to the left, only because each block has it’s own unique colour and it’s a lot less confusing. It’s an easy composition to look at, whereas there is much more going on in the circular piece. The square piece almost seems like it has an architectural structure to it, whereas the other seems to be more random and scattered around.

The image below really caught my eye, again for it’s simplicity. The image shows an off-centre white line which runs down the entirety of the composition. To the right of that shows a slightly shadowed man who looks like he is in a black suit which links in with the black background. This reminds me a lot of the advertisements for the film The Godfather (poster below), i think that these both have the same tone.

Another exhibition we visited whilst in Liverpool was a fashion collection, named North: Identity, Photography & Fashion. We wanted to go beyond our discipline a little more after last week’s talk with Geoff Hill. So we went here with high hopes and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

It was very different from the museums and exhibitions that we are used to and included some rare clothing items which were worth hundreds of pounds. What i liked about this was the professionalism of the exhibition’s set up. With art museums, often you get a sense of messiness and a lot of things are interactive and people leave things not as they are found, whereas here it was very structured and organised with displays of clothing through the years and fashion photography all over the walls.

After visiting these two exhibitions, it’s made me think about broadening my horizons a lot. Fashion photography and graphic design I think can go hand in hand very well and it’s something that I could look into doing!

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