Blog Entry #9

In my 7th blog, I spoke in depth about CV’s and what they should contain, paying close attention to the creative industries. Earlier this morning I handed in my CV to my lecturers and collected it at the end of the day. This was my attempt at creating a creative CV, and therefore looked to the internet before making it for some guidance. My lecturers would rate the CV’s and say whether or not they would bin it, keep it on file, or pass you onto the next stage.

Unfortunately I was not successful with this CV, it was given back to me with bin it circled. At first I thought great! I’ve messed this up. Then I sat back and thought to myself… it was my first attempt at doing something like this.

My tutors gave me back very good, helpful, in depth feedback of how I should improve my CV. I was told that my contact information should be inside of the personal profile section and that my personal profile was too tight, there should be more space between that and my skills and achievements part. They also weren’t impressed with the power bars (CC Skills), maybe 10 years ago this was a good idea, but since has been very outdated and it does not actually show your skill level, as any Tom, Dick or Harry could rate their own skill level, or blatantly lie.

On the back page, my education section was too long, and too vague, and I need to explain more about my university modules, as they are the most relevant parts to my discipline. None of my past jobs have been in the creative industry, unfortunately, so I felt as though I had to include any jobs that I had in the past. Telling potential employers that I used to be a joiner isn’t going to hold the odds in my favour, I need to add more things that are relevant to the creative industry.

I need to use a smaller font when I come to re-do my CV, either 10 or 11pt, and I must include more transferable skills and current university projects so that employers can get a taste for what I am doing. I am going to re-create my CV soon and upload a before and after image, hopefully showing a vast improvement over my last!