1,500 attendees gathered on October 12 in Kiev, Ukraine to attend the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev. This conference is the country’s largest blockchain technology-based conference to date.

The three event halls in The Smart Art Space Vsi. Svoyi Lokatsiya were bustling with cryptocurrency experts from around the world. The conference was split into three points of focus. The ICO industry has boomed this year and for the first time in the history of the conference, ICOs got their own breakout session.

The business, finance and legislation session delved into the policies surrounding the future of cryptocurrency in the govtech…

Blockchain and Bitcoin conferences take Melrose PR around the globe. We have recently attended conferences in London, Barcelona and San Francisco in support of our clients. We are always proud to see our clients attending, speaking and sponsoring a variety of blockchain and Bitcoin focused events and truly leading the way in this ground-breaking technology. The Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Kiev 2017 is going to be Ukraine’s largest blockchain conference in history and Melrose PR is honored to have our client, Cypherium attending.

The Smart Art Space Vsi. Svoyi Lokatsiya, located in downtown Kiev, Ukraine is bringing together over 1,000…

There’s a growing consensus — which, notably, includes the billionaire hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz — that the market prices of both Bitcoin and Ethereum have reached their peak. In other words, they can only head in one direction, and that’s down.

But I disagree.

In fact, I believe that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other leading cryptocurrencies have a long way to go before they approach peak price, and for one simple reason: demand from sovereign wealth funds.

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Take, for example, Norway’s sovereign wealth fund. Since falling oil revenues have been hurting the economy for a while now, Norway has, effectively…

Written by our CEO & Founder of Melrose PR, Kelley Weaver

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In 1906, Sir Francis Galton (a cousin to Charles Darwin) asked 800 people at a country fair in England to guess the weight of a cow. A lot of people guessed way too high or way too low, but when Galton averaged the guesses out, he found that the crowd as a whole was spot-on: the mean of all the guesses was 1197 pounds, the exact weight of the cow.

Thus began the field of collective intelligence, or the study of the wisdom of crowds. The fact that crowds…

This post was authored by Melrose PR contributor Nikki Brown.

Get the Skinny on Digital Currency

Everyone is talking about digital currency. With bitcoin up 232% and Ethereum up 1500% from last year, it’s no wonder cyptocurrencies are all the rage. There are currently more than 900 different tokens and crypto assets on the market with a new ICO launching almost every day. An ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is a means of raising funds using digital rather than fiat money. ICOs are a great way for emerging blockchain companies to raise enough funds to continue to develop their products…

This post was authored by Melrose PR contributor Nikki Brown.

Crypto Financing via www.crypto-financing.com

CryptoFinancing 2017, the UK’s first conference dedicated to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Tokenization, will be held on July 7th, 2017 in London. CryptoFinancing, or the process of raising funds through ICOs is currently on the rise. For the first time in history, ICO offerings are raising more money than traditional VC investments. Since the beginning of 2017, 65 startups in the blockchain space have raised $522 million. …

Written by our CEO & Founder of Melrose PR, Kelley Weaver

News vans poised outside NYC’s Marriott Marquis on Monday Morning, May 22nd, 2017- Day 1 of #Consensus2017 Conference

This May, more than 2,700 blockchain enthusiasts from around the globe gathered at NYC’s Marriott Marquis to discuss the state of blockchain for Consensus 2017. When I got to my hotel at 11:30PM the night before the conference, the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum were at $2,052 and $157, respectively. Cut to 8:30AM on Monday morning: the show kicked off to a very excited audience, and the price of Bitcoin jumped to a whopping $2,180 and Ethereum to $192, breaking records for both cryptocurrencies. …

By Melrose PR Contributing Writer, Kevin Del Principe

Alienation to Sustainability to Profitability

Future City via Pixabay

Rapid technological acceleration has created a small world where people can interact internationally nearly instantaneously. Some suggest that connection via the digital sphere creates an illusion of interconnection and, instead, causes distance and a lack of empathy. On the other hand, many people feel a thoughtful and empathetic connection to those they interact with digitally. Perhaps this is due to what avant-garde playwright Bertolt Brecht called the alienation effect (or distancing effect) in his drama. In Brecht’s plays, he made certain the audience never felt that his…

Blockchain Tech Emboldens Creators

Written by Melrose PR Contributor, Kevin Del Principe

The Milky Way via 1freewallpapers.com

Though grasping the vastness of the universe may reveal humanity’s insignificance, human creative capacity remains quite significant. Additionally, this creative capacity can be amplified by building constructive institutions and technologies. Human beings have the unique ability to imagine a concept in the mind, and then produce that idea. This is the point where creativity becomes invention, and this is a tremendous power that comes with responsibility. The technological rate of acceleration is forcing humanity to reconsider that responsibility, as it is challenging antiquated ideas and established institutions. …

By Melrose PR Contributing Writer, Kevin Del Principe

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Purists with esoteric tastes often pine for the time before their fringe interest went mainstream. Today’s punk rockers cringe at appropriated, heavily engineered guitar riffs in popular music while they dream they were around — at the very beginning — wildly bopping to the beat as the New York Dolls really rocked. Surrealist poets scribbling away at their writing desks today wish they had been by Andre Breton’s side as he wrote The Surrealist Manifesto, urging him to conceive an alternative vision of reality. Many surfers ride at night now for some…

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