Building Resilient, Private, and Performant Internet Infrastructure using Economic Incentives

At CoinShares Ventures, we spend a lot of time thinking about politics given our team is in the United States and the United Kingdom, and has been witnessing a very interesting time in both of these political landscapes. We are not political commentators, but it would be incorrect to say we are not political. The aspirations of the crypto ecosystem are inherently political in nature — everything we invest in has some element intended to decentralize, disintermediate, and minimize unnecessary rent seeking — whether by governments, tech oligopolies, or financial intermediaries like brokers and banks.

(sidebar: yes, we are certainly aware of the underlying tension present in CoinShares itself being an intermediary, and discuss this at length in our board meetings and as it pertains to our growth strategy.) …

Building a Digital Finance Ecosystem in South East Asia

We are thrilled to announce that CoinShares Ventures has invested in ShuttleOne (S1). Focusing on South East Asia, S1 is an infrastructure company that builds digital finance systems to support governments, institutions, and B2B platforms. The company provides services in the South East Asia market in trade financing, remittances, and micro-lending, and is building a novel approach to financing working capital using blockchain-based risk management tools and liquidity pools.

I met Zhuang in 2018 at an event in Singapore, and was struck by his passion, drive, and vision for what crypto could do for people. Zhuang started his career running a small-scale farming business in Malaysia, and is keenly aware of the challenges facing small business owners and consumers in the region. …

Clearing through Zero Knowledge Technology

We are excited to announce CoinShares Ventures has invested in X-Margin, which is using zero-knowledge technology to bring innovation to risk management and margining.

For the first time, crypto traders can use one pool of collateral to trade across multiple trading venues and counterparties, ushering a new era of capital efficiency in crypto markets and beyond.

As former commodities traders and operators of an electronic trading business, the CoinShares team is all too aware that the lack of clearing solutions in the crypto space leads to inefficiencies for traders looking to maximize return on capital. …


Meltem Demirors

making benevolent mischief. investing @coinshares.

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