3 Ways to Remove Copper Wire from Scrap

Scrap recycling is one of the easiest ways to earn quick money as well as it is beneficial for the environment. Many types of metals are recycled by scrap recycling units, few of them are iron, brass, stainless steel, lead, copper, etc. Kopparåtervinning not just helps to make our environment but indirectly helps to bring down the prices by increasing its supply. Individuals or companies who are interested in selling any kind of metal scrap should be aware that the prices of these scraps keeps changing and hence when they approach scrap yards for selling purpose, they should have sound knowledge about the prevailing prices in the market.

bothered about separating copper wire from this mess?

Sälja koppar to recycling units is not that difficult, one just needs to assemble all the scrap together and approach the right recycling centre. If you are planning to sell copper scrap at home or you have copper wire lying around, then before going to the centre remove all the extra components it has, because this would certainly bring down its value. Hence before you head to the scrap yard for kopparåtervinning follow the below mentioned tips for stripping copper wire from scrap:

1. With the help of Machine: There are different types of wire stripping machine available in the market. Based on the quantity of copper wire scrap you wish to remove, you can purchase the machine accordingly. After purchasing the machine, make sure you familiarize yourself with the whole process of remove wire scrap from the product. Read the through the do’s and don’ts of using the machine before starting the process.

2. Abstain from Burning: One should never burn copper wire to remove insulation from it. There are two reasons for that, one being it is harmful for the environment and secondly, it downgrades the quality of copper scrap at recycling units. Although it does sound easy to use this method, but you need to keep in the mind to intact the quality of the scrap.

3. Using Sunlight: While burning is not recommended, you can certainly use sunlight to work in your favour. If you are removing the wire on your own, then you can use sunlight in your advantage. You can either heat the wire in an oven set on low temperature or you can simply use a black box and place the wire in it under the sunlight. This way the wire will become soft and it will be easy to peel it with the help of a razor or other instrument.

One can use these ideas to safely remove copper wire from scrap or to remove any type of residue attached to it. However, you can also take help of a professional if you are not confident about the process. There are many companies which purchases scrap metals and other materials from individuals or organisations, one such company is Lantz Metall. One can contact them for sälja koppar in Sweden.