This year, my mother, who retired to Mexico fourteen years ago, finally got to witness the insanity of Halloween in my neighborhood.

While our community is not gated, it is relatively safe, a corner of a suburb equidistant from both Dallas and Fort Worth, with a high concentration of owner-occupied…

Cedar Boxes / Author’s Personal Collection

There’s another cedar box on the table in my living room.

The table in question is a half-circle console table — half an oval, really, because it’s long and skinny. We all grow up with tables like this one — it stands in front of the picture window and holds…

At the airport by PEF via

Listening to the Hombre Jesus Woman

It’s eleven in the morning, and I’m sitting in the DFW airport waiting for the AeroMexico desk to open. “Oh, they show up late,” an airport employee informs me when I approach him for assistance. “Usually around eleven-thirty.”

My flight doesn’t leave until a bit after two, but I’ve been…

Starbucks, La Paz, BCS, MEXico by Susan A. Fogel, used with permission

A Quantum Relationship in a Cardboard Cup

It happened five years ago, but it could have been yesterday, or never, or even tomorrow.

My husband and I were on the way back from somewhere — church maybe, improv rehearsal, brunch — it doesn’t matter. We stopped at our neighborhood Starbucks so I could get a mocha (grande…

Melissa A. Bartell

Word Ninja. Voice Actor. Bathtub Mermaid. Editor-at-Large @AllThingsGirl. Sometimes, I make stuff up. Sometimes, I don’t.

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