VidCon Debrief

I found it extremely weak that vidcon against your own rules lets a very privileged person go on a rant against an innocent person that silently sits in the audience. When it was the other way around a man abusing a woman in the same position he would instantly have been removed from the committee.. Sargon of Akkad has dismantled with facts and evidence step by step systematically the misrepresentations and intellectual dishonesty she shows in her videos. He has repeatedly questioned her to show support and evidence for the sometimes very outlandish claims Anita makes in her videos.. Instead of actually showing evidence for her claims and shutting Sargon up, she just lowers herself to personal attacks against Sargon and play the professional victim.. If Anita is wight in her bullshit argumentation, she easily could give evidence and facts to support her viewpoint.. The facts she never does, clearly indicates that her viewpoints are based in dogma not in fact or reality. She could so easily shut Sargon up by just providing ….. EVIDENCE.. Only a con artist never delivers any evidence when asked for it. That vidcon falls for her professional victimhood is very depressing.. Congratulations.. postmodernism has killed your rationality, you are truly believers into the post modernist religion of reality denouncing intersectional feminist bullshit artistry...

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