Day 0

So what is this about? hmm… An online Personal experiment lets say. People set goals in life and follow them, Now those are people.

That is me “I make plans just to never work on them, I always do the opposite of what I have planned to achieve or do”

I Graduated from Limkokwing University and it was fun :D I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science majoring in Games Technology. great huh! what a fun course, spent days playing games and making them. After graduation (BTW i finished school late!) i was fortunate enough to work at a company established by my father, and yes I know diddly squat about running, managing or growing a business, zilch, nada, zero….

I still believe in old fashion learning, Learn from experienced boss, senior or mentor. Da hell, I saw most Entrepreneurs having mentors on the other side of the world or raw model they learnt first hand from. Unfortunately, someone of higher authority than me refuses that methodology and insist that online teaching like “articles, videos, blogs, …etc” are sufficient enough to teach anyone anything. Put in mind i should be able to know marketing, negotiation, sales, HR, management, project management, think of new opportunities… etc. with no and no or even very limited budget. I have none of those department in my company at the moment hahaha (its a long story, company is divide… not our issue here).

So here is the conclusion, i'm gonna make a plan …. !!!! seriously don't tell me you believed me, i just said a minute ago I DON'T FOLLOW PLANS.

From my working experience which is around 17 months in Open Source solutions like (Linux, Odoo, … etc) I have learned a lot from their communities. Seriously Open source power must be harnessed by everyone, it is amazing and the communities as well as forums share knowledge like crazy. Coming to understand it, sharing your knowledge will hit you bad with the fact that million different other viewpoints are available online from people like you. Basically you exchange your knowledge with a different knowledge and that is amazing, no money exchange here,FREE. And boy with the economy and all we need free stuff or 1 for 1 exchange :D.

I'm gonna publish my researches, studies, organizational structures, daily tasks, ideas.. etc. which is going to help me build this company back again from EGP -200,000 to a Million (net profit). I still don't know how or when can this be achieved, but hey i took a first step right.

I have 2 other different personal projects with some relatives and friend, which is to start an E-commerce and Publish a Game (start a small game company).

In conclusion, I'm going to use the public/online community to help me build up my business lets say its an OPEN SOURCE BUSINESS now.

Give me all your feedbacks, negative or positive, encourage or hinder me i don't mind. IAM LEARNING