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Make People Smarter” — The 20th century was all about physical enhancement, but in the 21st century your cognitive abilities matter the most. We developed the leading brain training app and became Apple’s and Google’s app of the year attracting 6 Million users from all over the world. We are looking for people who share our belief that making people smarter will ultimately make the world a better place. We have the ambition to attract, excite and develop the most talented and passionate people to join us in our mission.

What is Memorado like?

Housewarming party at our new office in Kreuzberg, August

Every Monday at 9.30am, the whole team gets together to speak about the current state of the company, to make announcements and to start the week together. 
Each all-hands includes a deep dive session prepared by one team member on a topic. This talk gives deeper insight into one of the departments (TV marketing, BI) or has a relation to Memorado (habit building, gamification, productivity hacks).

We never stop learning and Memorado offers a range of personal development sessions, starting from regular internal tech talks, skills-building conferences (including a special allocated budget and paid vacations for training), releasing experimental projects with new platforms and languages, as well as daily retrospectives will help you achieve mastery with us.

We also have free cereals, fruits and beverages, as well as a weekly team lunch with all employees to spend time together and for those of you who want to practice German we have special “German Lunch Wednesdays”. Having awesome team events, and a feeling that you change people’s lives will enrich your days as part of our fantastic team.

Up for a challenge?

We work hard — we play hard (as you can see on the left). Regular and fun team events connect us also after work (past events: hackweek, climbing, scavenger hunt, mini golf, laser tag, cooking workshop, team Christmas market, birthday celebrations etc.).

Last but not least: we take our societal responsibility seriously. But instead of talking or donating, we do. As an example of that, in September we spent 4 days at our annual Memorado #hackweek to develop 4 apps to help refugees — check out the story: here and here

The Memorado Team

At Memorado you can expect an international and entrepreneurial environment as well as the opportunity to be part of the development of a fast-growing company. You will work in a team of creative minds and high achievers with a passion for building a great product. Flat hierarchies and a highly professional, but informal working atmosphere are our characteristics — we don‘t need suits & ties to be professional!

ELIZA HR & Operations Manager, Estonia

“Entrepreneurship, leadership, passion and drive to develop things from scratch — those are the qualities we are looking for in our candidates”

JOSHUA Product Manager, Germany

“I love working very closely with my team to deliver fun and challenging games which can actually keep your mind active.”

EDGAR iOS Developer, Brazil

“Working at Memorado is an experience with a lot of energy as we work very closely with the founders and everybody is really passionate about what we do. Everyone works together towards the same goal.”

How do we cope with challenges?

With help from our in-house neuroscientist and talented game designers, we build new games and features every day to offer our users the most fun and effective user experience. One of our challenges is to integrate scientific findings into our product while building a user-friendly and entertaining experience for the users. See more on tech challenges here

Daily product, iOS, and Android morning stand-ups help us reflect on progress, flag issues before they become irreversible. We also do proper retrospectives at the end of each sprint where each member can indicate their personal opinion on what was good and what can be improved in the next sprint.

Following our user-centric approach to design the best user experience for our games and our new features, each Wednesday from 4 to 6 pm we have 3–4 users come to the office to test the product.

If you would like to test something yourself please let us know at: usertesting@memorado.com

Thanks to the knowledge we get through our research and our users data, we keep improving our adaptive difficulty algorithm to make our training both challenging and rewarding for the users.

Join our team!

We are on a strong growth path — don’t miss your chance to join the team!

Memorado is featured as Google Play’s best apps of 2015 globally https://goo.gl/B9CPBj, recognised as Top Developer https://goo.gl/tezhJx, as well as several times as Apple’s Editor’s Choice around the world.

We are always looking for talented developers, designers and product managers. Check out our current open positions here and our tech blogs here.

Team Memorado

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