I finished playing the Resident Evil 2 Remake a few days ago. The original RE 2 is one of my favorite games of all time and — next to RE 4 — my favorite entry in the series. I was afraid that the Remake would let me down, since it had a lot to live up to. But apart from some minor nitpicks, I was delighted by it and it brought me back to the franchise. So I decided to revisit some of the games I missed. Most notably RE 6, 7 and Revelations 2 as well as some of…

Hi, I’m Chris, also known as 8Bit and I’d like to take you back to April 2014. I was just playing a lot of Tower of Guns, a game that would become the launchpad into my career as a game developer (a story for another day) and I was in the process of making a video about it for my YouTube channel ‘Memories in 8Bit’ which was coincidentally just about to hit 3000 subscribers. Life was good and just about to get a lot better.

The video about Tower of Guns was one of my bigger projects. With a runtime…


Game developer | DRM-Freedom fighter | Streamer for @GOGcomTwitch | Drinker of lotsa coffee.

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