Fall In Love With Memories!

Who says memories fade away? Actually, it is our healthy dose of life when we are in blues or in stress. Life is a cycle of both happiness and sadness. If there is light, then there is darkness too. Sometimes, these memories enlighten our life and it brings smile and happiness. For example- Seeing a kid learning to swim takes you back to your golden days of swimming when you were a kid. It gives you goose-flesh and a smile at the same time. The moment you create today becomes a memory tomorrow. So, it is very important to live your life at the moment and make it the best. Say like whatever you are doing right now- cooking, reading, crying all will become memories tomorrow.

We human being has a peculiar habit of getting nostalgic. Some moments, some incidents and some activities really make us nostalgic because of these memories. This also helps you share your childhood feelings with your pals or any other sitting next to you. It not only freshen up your brain or ideas, but also make you feel how you were in those days. Now, you are busy, you have a family, you have so many responsibilities i life. But, after a long tiring day, seeing a one single smile on your kids face end up all your tensions. You relate this smile with your childhood when “you used to wait for your parents after they come from work.” Am I right?

Oh! That amazing feeling of high School love, exchange of gifts, letters and wonderful moments spend together. Some messages, letters and gifts are still there in a memory box. So, what you had a bad breakup, those moments were special when both of you were together isn’t it? Memories also give you lessons in life. It can be innumerable and you should take the later steps in life with consciousness. Give a chance to your emotions to control and you should find yourself as a balanced person. Do not ever push yourself too hard to achieve something that people get disappointment from your behavior. It is more of an action than talking.

People who worry about life too much are more to become nostalgic with every incident. This way, they tend to reduce their pain and live in the moment of memories that they visualize in their heart and mind. Whether it is a bad or good memory, you should love it selflessly. Each memory comes with lesson and happiness. Memories define the person you are at present. So, perform good activities, talk nicely with people and share good and bad moments with your close ones so that you can cherish these moments as your best memory in life.