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Bullies enjoy pushing other people around. Whether the bullies were McCarthyites in the 50s or the SJWs now, the goal is to achieve personal power by forcing others to do what you want. You don’t convince others of the validity of your argument. Instead, you try to force them to submit (e.g., Christian bakers being forced to cater gay weddings, political candidates apologizing for saying all lives matter).

I think the biggest mistake that SJWs made was promoting job insecurity amongst people who opposed them. Once you start to threaten employment during a difficult economic period, you make it worthwhile for people to expend the energy to stop you.

Of the four remaining presidential candidates, only Bernie Sanders is SJW-friendly. He is also the least likely candidate to win. The other three will increase their political base by running against the SJW (and Cruz and Trump are already doing that). The high-water mark for SJWs has already passed.

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