This Disease Affects 1 in 8 Women. So Why Aren’t We Talking About It?
Ashley Patterson

I’ll preface my reply by saying that I hope that you become pregnant soon. Family and friends have gone through this process and I truly appreciate how difficult and emotionally draining it is.

IVF is expensive. Your friends did well if they only spent $25k. I’ve spoken with friends who spent over $50k and were ultimately unsuccessful.

If insurance has to cover IVF procedures, the costs are quite expensive. I’ll use your numbers in this very high-level example.

$25,000 per couple for IVF

1/8 of married couples (60m in US in 2015) = 7,500,000 infertile married couples. (Note that this doesn’t include unmarried couples or unmarried women who may want IVF.)

$25k x 7.5m = $187.5 billion

(Hopefully I have calculated this correctly…)

Obviously these are very high-level numbers, but absorbing the costs of IVF would be quite expensive for insurance companies. Since they’d have to pass the costs onto their subscribers (who are already under pressure from high insurance costs), I’m not sure that the additional coverage can work from a financial perspective.

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