If they’re on the same side, the ends justify the means. Anything goes. They’ve evidently sworn an oath to never rat or speak ill of any member of the tribe — like the Mafia’s Code of Omerta.
CNN Producer Spills Beans: Russia-mania “Mostly Bullsh*t” & Trump Right to Call it Witch Hunt
Austin Frank

I think this shows why CNN, the WP, NYT will probably go out of business within a decade. What do they offer which ThinkProgress doesn’t offer for free? I can’t remember the last political story which I’ve read in the WP or NYT which differed significantly from ThinkProgress.

Because these large media corporations need to attract advertising, they’ve changed their business model from breaking news stories to collecting clicks. Unfortunately for them over the medium-term, their brand is now basically identical to the free Democrat party fanboys (e.g., ThinkProgress, Buzzfeed). Why pay for a subscription when you can read the same stuff for free?

The NYT is now surviving because of Carlos Slim. Even with his funding, they’re still laying off reporters regularly. The WP has turned into a plaything for Jeff Bezos. If CNN loses the airport terminal market, their market share will take a significant hit.

These media organisations remind me a lot of Kodak. Once digital cameras became popular, Kodak struggled for a few years, then went bankrupt. By imitating Buzzfeed, the NYT and WP chose the same strategy and will likely have the same outcome.

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