I disagree.

I understand your perspective, but have different point of view.

Being a political conservative, I have different points of view than at least half of my friends. They wouldn’t be happy with an NRA membership and I wouldn’t be particularly thrilled with a ACLU button. I may donate to the Heritage Foundation, but I wouldn’t expect my progressive friends to do so on my behalf.

If people want to buy me a present, there are lots of disposable presents (e.g., dinner, movies, tickets to a game) which the giver and recipient can participate in.

Donations are nice. However, I consider donations to be a relatively private affair (which is one reason why I’m uncomfortable with the self-promotion of people advertising who they donate to and how much). If a person wants to make a donation, then do so. When I give a dollar to a street performer, I don’t tell my friend that I’m donating in their name. I consider holiday donations to blur the line between a gift and self-promotion.

(Obviously, I’m not trying to be critical of your choice. I’m merely expressing my own point of view and not attempting to influence what you do.)

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