That’s the point.
Christy White

If I understand your post correctly (and my apologies in advance if I’ve inadvertently misinterpreted it), your points are:

  • The neighborhood watch person shouldn’t have reported a robbery in progress without evidence
  • Police shouldn’t over-react to non-violent crimes

My questions are:

  • Why would up to a dozen police cars respond to a report of a possible burglary? Whether it’s six cars or 12 cars, why would so many cars be required? Given that Oakland has such a high crime rate, I’m quite surprised that so many officers were available to respond to such a low-level crime.
  • Why do you assume that the police walked around with drawn weapons? You said in your post that you didn’t know if that happened because you weren’t there, but you spoke accordingly with the neighborhood watch captain.
  • What’s the relevance of your son’s friends being African-American? Given that African-Americans make up 25 percent of Oakland’s population, why do you assume that it made a difference? Did either the neighborhood watch captain or the police say they acted differently because of it?
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