I’m not saying that my generation isn’t responsible for our debts, I’m saying that my generation…
Heather von Stackelberg

That’s very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Now I understand your perspective about the generational unfairness. The students who graduated into the dot-com boom in the late 90s made a fortune right out of school. The ones who graduated after than didn’t get the same opportunities. You’re absolutely right.

I wonder what the answer is about the promises made about schools. The loans are federally insured, so the schools are happy to enrol as many students as they can. There’s no loss to them if the students end up working at McDs and can’t pay their loans back. As you said, there are practical negative consequences to the graduates with the loans, but none at all to the universities.

I really enjoyed reading your comments. Thanks for explaining your perspective.

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