I would argue that Trump has a more documented history of corrupt behavior.

Trump is more corrupt than Clinton? I’d like to hear you support this statement. I’m very interested.

Pence does not want to be alone with a woman other than his wife. I don’t see a problem with that philosophy. I don’t think he’s worried about something happening as much as he’s concerned about being falsely accused of inappropriate behaviour. After the Anita Hill hearings, I understand Pence’s caution.

Regarding the Muslim ban, Trump proposed a temporary immigration ban from countries identified by the Obama administration. The countries with large Muslim populations (e.g., Indonesia) were unaffected.

As far as building the wall and so on, he ran on those policies. As Obama said, elections have consequences. I’m glad Trump is reducing funding to climate change, etc. If you run on these policies and win, you should implement them.

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