If you’re a Republican, you hate the left more than you hate any of this country’s geopolitical rivals. You know you do
The Transgender Bathroom Fight is About More than Transgender Bathrooms
Austin Frank

I think this is a bit overwrought. Yes, there are certainly political activists on both sides for whom politics are their very life. However, I think these types are vastly outnumbered by people who care more about their families, friends and work colleagues than their government representatives.

As evidence, look at how the political map of the US changes regularly. For example, Hillary’s blue wall changed to red this year. If people were as worked up about politics as you claim, then voting patterns within states wouldn’t change significantly.

I have many progressive friends and family. They can vote for whoever they want and I don’t really care. I’m much more bothered by my cousins crapping on about the glories of the Mets and Jets instead of whichever Democrat they’re going to vote for in two years.

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