I’m ready to discuss any of the issues in this story—I focused on the Uber/debt one, but we can also talk about low-paying workplaces, lack of family leave, the inability for many workers to take twelve weeks off regardless of employer, or anything else that spoke to you in this piece.
When You Don’t Earn Enough Driving for Uber to Pay for the Car You Rent From Uber
Nicole Dieker

Prior to giving birth, the mother-to-be is in debt, has a poor credit history, won’t receive financial support from the father-to-be, can barely afford the rent, etc. She is barely hanging on financially even before the child and associated expenses arrive. I don’t see why Uber is to blame for the mother’s financial circumstances. Even if the mother could take 12 weeks off with pay, her financial situation would be unsustainable as soon as the 12 weeks expired.

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