Relationships are Key to Fund Management Success in Blockchain
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Mempool Reload was designed for Fund Managers to build valuable relationships and share insights on Web3

By Ian Arden, Founder, and CEO of Mempool Ventures and Serial Entrepreneur

I began my crypto career in 2010, coding one of the first crypto exchanges. At that time, the concept of bitcoin, blockchain, and decentralized networks really intrigued me for its potential for creative disruption. Satoshi’s White Paper was a watershed moment that foreshadowed the streamlined and efficient flow of money and the future of a truly digital financial system. In those early days, a community of projects and investors started to grow with the foresight to see the potential and accelerate the building blocks and use cases.

Today, blockchain is ushering in revolutionary changes through areas like decentralized finance, and now this is leading to Web3. I am driven to a higher goal of helping humanity through leveraging blockchain, and there are so many new and novel ways this can be done through the ventures I back.

Over the last 15 years, I have immersed myself in company building and investing, and I’ve met so many talented founders involved in game-changing crypto projects. After hundreds of unforgettable meetings, partnership collaborations, and scaling company successes through crypto summers and winters, I realized how much crypto industry success is built on relationships and bonds. If you want your project or investment to succeed, you must be a proactive and reliable collaborator building a community of users while cultivating others to a shared vision.

My own philosophy of venture capital investment is that it works best with a syndicate of other investors where we share insights and learn from each other while evaluating deals and the talented founders behind them. The crypto industry is still in its early stages, but it is already attracting large sums of money and well-known VC players; the opportunity for future growth has never been better, so it makes sense to collaborate.

Relationships and trust are essential for success in such a rapidly moving industry. The best way to begin this is to bond over an experience you have together and the sharing of ideas in a positive atmosphere with a carefully selected group of people ready to share their expertise. Luxury accommodations, palm trees, nice weather, and a sparkling ocean certainly can help. In my experience, these relationships grow even deeper over time as you stay in touch, assist one another, and implement common ideas.

Today, the crypto industry is about mutual assistance rather than competition in the traditional sense, in my opinion. With this in mind, we have organized a one-of-a-kind event called Mempool Reload. The goal is to build relationships around Web3 in a trusting environment through learning, refining ideas, and sharing strategies, all with a carefully curated group of private investors, family offices, and VCs.

Mempool Reload is an exclusive conference that will bring together 50 seasoned crypto investors, fund managers, and thought leaders to discuss Web3 funding strategies and what’s next. The conference takes place March 7th to 11th, 2023, at a truly exceptional luxury resort on an island close to Abu Dhabi. It promises to be a mind, body, and soul experience for reflection, learning, communication, and growth over five days. We are also focused on yoga, visioning exercises, life hacking, and group activities with our experienced team of personal coaching facilitators.

We’d like to cultivate a group of contributors who will embrace the spirit of crypto and propel each other and the industry forward. There is no better time for this event than during Crypto Winter when industry participants can benefit from mutual support and reflection to be ready for the next cycle.

Crypto VCs, Angels, Family Offices, and Fund Managers: you have the opportunity to participate in the Mempool Reload event. To do so, click the link to register your interest, and an event Experience Manager will get back to you.

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