Instructions on How to Whiten Your Teeth

Nov 12, 2017 · 3 min read
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Age has an aspect of causing teeth to weaken. Teeth start turning yellow. Many factors contribute to this discoloration. Smoking is one of the primary reason for this trend. Some people do not observe dental hygiene, as well as consumption of some beverages, has caused discoloration. The above mentioned are just few of the many reasons. This problem has a solution. There is a product called Crest Whitening strip from this website which treats this condition. It is thorough in it functionality. One can laugh without feeling ashamed. You should understand fully how to utilize this tools to get maximum benefits. The information provided here will guide you how to use Crest Whitening strip.

Early brushing is very important in the whitening of your teeth. This helps to remove food particles and bacteria which may hinder the proper working of the whitening strip. Brushing helps in ensuring that the extra saliva will not dilute the whitening gel in the strip.

Know how to position the Crest Whitening strip. You are supposed to have prior knowledge on how to place the strip. The side with the gel is the one that should touch the teeth. The gel has hydrogen peroxide which whitens your teeth.

Due to the sensitivity of the strip, ensure you are ready to apply it before you open. Due to the flimsy nature of the strip take it out of the carrier with caution. Be careful on how you treat the whitening substance. Ensure that your hands are dry when handling the strip to prevent the whitener from getting wet and hence be diluted.

Clear any trace of saliva on your teeth before placing the strip. Saliva inhibits proper functioning of the Crest Whitening strip Place Something to prevent the cheeks from contacting the strip when it’s on the teeth. Use a toothbrush for the smoothing of the Crest Whitening strip. The Crest Whitening strip should occupy the entire teeth. The whitening should not touch any other part of the mouth as it may cause injuries.

Do not grow impatient with the slow results of the strip. Every kind of strip is meant to work for specific days. The strip works well when you use the strip while lying with your mouth is up and open to take air in and out, which helps to dry the mouth.

Take the strip away after the stipulated time. Ensure that the Crest Whitening strip after removing it from the mouth. Never extend the time meant for the strip to be in your teeth. The reason is that overstaying can lead to teeth sensitivity and does not lead to more white teeth.

Remove any traces of the whitening substance by gentle brushing. Never swallow the gel as it may have side effects. Each strip has some days it is supposed to be used so learn more.

Be safe by washing hands that may have touched the gel.

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