Everyone Wants To Be The 1st To Be 2nd

I recently attended the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) Summit. It was my first time attending a conference strictly catered to marketers. One of the keynote speakers at the summit was Morgan Spurlock, famously known for his documentary, Super Size Me where he ate McDonald’s for 30 days. Spurlock was the highlight of the conference. During his presentation, the director/producer said something that instantly hit me. He said, “everyone wants to be the first to be second.” It took me a second to fully grasp the meaning of what he just said but when I did, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

The reason being, I knew I was one of those people who wanted to be the first at something but could never really attribute to it in fear of failing. From starting my own company, buying a franchise, or simply new ideas at work, the fear of rejection succumbed my drive. I want to think of myself as an innovator but I knew I wasn’t. My thoughts are innovative but my actions keep them simply that, just thoughts. Not everyone wants to be the first to be second, and I applaud those risk takers, but if we are completely honest with ourselves, we want to see someone else do it before we dive in. That’s not who we should be.

Those nine words spoken to me and a few hundred other people that afternoon are changing my perspective on everything I dream of doing. I want to be the first to be first and invest in myself. I keep waiting and waiting for the perfect time but that time still has not come. Which only means one thing. The time is now. I realize that if I keep waiting for the perfect time, I’ll wait forever. Whoever is in my shoes and continues to plan and strategize their dreams in their heads, let’s stop doing it in our minds and let’s take action to seize it.

A big thank you to Mr. Super Size Me, your speech made me feel like a follower and a band-wagoner but I think it was a tremendous reminder that being innovative and original takes guts, will, and risk. As dreamers and individuals striving for more out of life, we are so afraid to fail that we forget our ideas might actually be something.

What if we succeed?