The myth of the moon and menstruation

Just to clarify, I don’t think that there is a synchronisation of menstrual cycles in line with the lunar cycle- since the normal range of cycle length is anything between 21–35 days, and it’s only the ‘average’ that is 28–29 days (only 1 in 8 people have a 28/29 day cycle). I have a regular 21 day cycle, regardless of living in electrically lit places, or not (I’ve spent a year living in a remote village without any power- and the women there did not synchronise, or have a ‘lunar’ cycle, either). But, it is important to conduct menstrual research in a rigorous way- we have a hard enough job persuading people to pay attention to the menstrual cycle as it is- so, I think it would be good (if possible) to separate the data based on the usage of contraceptive medication? Many thanks indeed for conducting this research, it is much needed and appreciated!